Virtual Birth Suport

Virtual Birth Doula Support



Virtual Birth Support

  1. Free consultation to go over birth doula support covered by Doula Jenn and her partners. All consultations are done via phone call or video chat (Zoom or Doxy).
  2. Two Virtual Meetings:
    Meeting 1:
    We discuss your priorities and hopes for your birth process, we work through your deepest fears and reservations, and help you begin to visualize and consciously prepare for your ideal birth. We also discuss the importance of good body mechanics and positioning, and we go over several exercises that bring balance to your body to help ease pregnancy discomfort and prepare your body for an easier labor.

    Meeting 2: We discuss and role play what birth looks like. The goal of this meeting is help you process what labor looks like and how you and your partner can best move through labor together. We will also go over more in depth what to expect from virtual labor support and when to bring us in if you desire in-person support at home (and hospital, if permitted at that time). We also go over what is left on your to-do list, go over various logistics, and we send you a number of comfort measures and positioning techniques.

  3. A designated back-up doula support for all clients provided by one of my partners.
  4. “On call” support beginning at contract signing and continuing until birth.
  5. Unlimited text/phone/email support throughout pregnancy and after birth.
  6. Continuous virtual labor support.
  7. Virtual Postpartum visit available upon request.

I can discuss medical recommendations and options, and then I will act as an advocate for your decisions. I will also encourage relaxation, position changes, pain management and comfort measures to decrease the discomforts of labor where possible.

Fees for Virtual Birth Doula Support

The fee for virtual birth doula services is $750. An insurance receipt is given to all clients once they have paid in full.