“Jen is great.”

We were expecting our first baby and wanted to have an unmedicated birth. While I was nervous about a whole host of things, she totally put my mind at ease and provided helpful tips and moral support to get us through. 

— Meredith Gentine

I could not have asked for a better birth doula experience, given the circumstances.

She was fantastic. We clicked immediately and she just got to work, guiding me through a very bizarre, long, just the opposite of everything planned birth experience.

Jennifer was very skilled at picking up non verbal cues and rolling with the punches.

She provided excellent support for both me and my my husband, she helped us sort through information when it came time to make decisions and we were beyond exhausted. She stood with us when we were standing up for ourselves when we were being bullied by an on call doctor.

We were very grateful to have her by our side for the majority of our son's almost 2 day arrival. I could not have asked for a better birth doula experience, given the circumstances. I would choose to use her services again in a heartbeat.

— Michelle Zugschwerdt

Jenn was instrumental in helping me have the birth experience that I wanted to have.

— Jennifer K.



Jennifer was wonderful to work with!  We decided to hire a doula just 2 weeks before delivery, and when we met with Jennifer for the first time, I knew she would be perfect for us. She was very attentive, responsive and helped me feel calm and at ease during the delivery. She followed up a few days after baby was born, and even checked in with a home visit to assist with any nursing/baby related questions.

— Kara Chaffin

Knowledgeable, attentive, and stress-busting

My husband and I decided to hire a doula for our first child. Although we had initially been working with another peer doula, that doula could not attend our birth due to reasons beyond her control and in stepped Jenn. Jenn was easy to connect with and talk with about our birth plans, etc. She proved to be very responsive leading up to the big day, answering all our questions promptly. When the big day approached, Jenn was fully available upon a moment's notice. She spent over twelve hours with us during my fairly complicated labor process, including being in touch on the phone leading up to her physically being with us at the hospital. During my laboring, it was as if she was telepathic during my contractions when I was seized by pain and couldn't speak. My husband and I can't think of anything she could have done differently to have better taken care of our laboring and delivery needs! Her postpartum visit was also so very informative and put us at ease as new parents.

— Emily Olson


experienced mother and birth partner.

I had the most amazing birth experience and Jenn was a huge reason why it was so great. She was both assertive and passive enough for both my husband and me. It was our first birth and my husband was nervous about the entire thing. She really helped him know how he could help and stepped up when my husband was getting uncomforable. Jenn was amazing at answering all of my questions before the birth and stayed extra long after the birth and with her follow-up checkup to make sure that she answered any of my questions.

— Dana Brodeck


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