Doula Jenn

Doula Jennifer Monaghan

About Doula Jenn

In high school my passion for helping others began and I became a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA). In 2004 I moved from California to Nothern Virginia to attend George Mason University, where I earned a degree in Health Systems Management. After the birth of my second son I became a birth doula in 2010 and have worked alongside many amazing doulas within the Northern Virginia area. I moved to San Diego in May 2020 and offer virtual birth doula support and in-person support when the COVID-19 stay at home order get lifted.

I am mother of three and a wife to Colin. I’ve had three unmedicated births, two in a hospital and my last child, Chloe, was born at home. My first and last births were both supported by a doula and opened my eyes to the importance of doula support, no matter where a mother is delivering.

In 2009 after the birth experience of my second son, where I did not have a doula, my broad passion for helping others was focused to helping women and their partners through the birthing process.  In 2010 I became a certified birth doula with Childbirth International and DONA International. In 2018 I re-certified with DONA International as an on-going process of continued education.

What I Do as Your Doula

I support you through your pregnancy, your labor and delivery, some time after your delivery and in a postpartum visit. I am on call for clients beginning at 38 weeks and am available 24/7 to all clients once the retainer fee has been paid.

My goal is to:

  • Encourage you
  • Remind you that your body was made to give birth and that you are capable of it
  • Lift your spirits up when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Encourage movement and position changes to help labor progress and help it be less painful
  • Answer any questions you have about procedures or medications
  • Work alongside the nurses, doctors and midwives in providing you with collaborative care
  • Most of all, to allow you every opportunity to achieve a well informed & supported birth.

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I am a certified doula through DONA International & Childbirth International.  My training includes:

  • Childbirth International Certified Birth Doula, 2010
  • DONA International Certified Birth Doula, 2010
  • Spinning babies course,  2011
  • Use of the Peanut Ball (critical for epidural support), 2016
  • Hypnobabies Birth Doula Certified, 2016
  • Rebozo Certified, 2017
  • Karen Strange Neonatal Resuscitation course, 2017
  • Understanding the Infant Microbiome, 2018
  • DONA International Certified Birth Doula, 2018 (Re-Certification)

I am passionate about supporting families through their birthing process and supports all birth choices, regardless of lifestyle, religion or birth preferences, including non-medicated birth, induction, epidural birth, cesarean, scheduled cesarean, VBAC, hypnobirthing, hypnobabies, Bradley Method, Lamaze and more.

Doula Jenn will allow you every opportunity to achieve a well informed & supported birth.

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