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Stop Judging Labor by Dilation

    Can we all unite for a moment on this? I’ve had mom after mom get defeated by her dilation when her labor patterns and what her BODY were telling her didn’t match her cervix. Ladies, trust your body. Trust what it’s telling you and what it’s feeling, regardless of a number. Why? Because […]

“Big Baby” Inductions

Today I posted this picture on Instagram and it went crazy with comments. I wanted to make sure I took the time to dive deeper into this because miscommunication happens and as a birth doula informed consent means the world to me. Are there cases when a baby is indeed too big to fit through […]

Happy New Year from Doula Jenn!

A new year always represents a fresh start and a time of reflection.  2018 was a great year for me.  I had the opportunity of welcoming into this world 47 birth doula babies, 6 more babies than 2017! It’s always an honor for me to attend a birth and 2019 has me welcoming return birth […]

First birth of December

I had the honor of attending a birth yesterday at Loudoun Birthing Inn in Leesburg, VA a few days ago and I am still riding the birth doula high!  As a doula, there is nothing quite like it when you have a mother go un-medicated because we truly ride the birth wave right alongside mom […]