Stop Judging Labor by Dilation

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Can we all unite for a moment on this? I’ve had mom after mom get defeated by her dilation when her labor patterns and what her BODY were telling her didn’t match her cervix. Ladies, trust your body. Trust what it’s telling you and what it’s feeling, regardless of a number. Why? Because sometimes your cervix hasn’t caught up with your body yet! Sometimes you’re 4cm and then 5 minutes later you’re 10cm! Sometimes you just need to let go of that mental block and succumb to your body and it’s perfectly beautiful ability to birth babies.

On instagram recently blatzjustina said “YES! Someone speaking my language!! I will not let my midwife check for dilation anymore just because we quickly realized I stay at 2 cm till almost the end 😄🤷‍♀️ than all of a sudden in minutes I got to a full 10:) it’s how I work.”

This is normal. This is natural. This is why we should not judge a labor by a woman’s dilation but by her body language. Additionally, women who have had cervical surgeries (Cryo or a LEEP procedure for example) may have extra cervical scaring that their bodies are breaking down first before dilation will change.  Once the body breaks through the scar tissues month’s often dilate quickly.

Another thing worthy of noting is the emotional connection to dilation.  Mother’s who have a lot of emotional baggage tend to take longer to birth.  While they may not know it, we as birth workers need to be on watch for it.  A long, stalled labor could mean we need to start talking about what’s going on inside the clients heads or hearts. Sometimes a phone call to a loved one or a good cry it all she needs to get labor back on track.

Labor is about so much more than having a baby.  It’s a sacred time and a time a massive personal growth.  Honor it, trust it and find a good support team or doula that has been through the process before and can help carry you when you need it.


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