I had the honor of attending a birth yesterday at Loudoun Birthing Inn in Leesburg, VA a few days ago and I am still riding the birth doula high!  As a doula, there is nothing quite like it when you have a mother go un-medicated because we truly ride the birth wave right alongside mom the entire time.

This mother had so much strength and determination going into the birth and later said hiring a birth doula helped her achieve her birth and that the birth itself “wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.” As a birth doula, I know that she could have done the birth without me but I also know I was a vital asset in helping with laboring positions, massage (hello, 23 hours of massage/hip squeezes/hard counter pressure would be hard for Dad to do alone!) and with pushing positions.

We also had an amazing dayshift nurse who supported this mother’s plan for an un-medicated, hypnobirth. As a birth doula, I don’t always get nurses who are open to collaborative care but when I do, like the nurse I just worked with it’s a beautiful thing! Together we can combine our experience and run ideas off each other as to what each of us think will help mom get to her next phase.  She was a nurse that didn’t give up on us and welcomed learning from the birth doula, just as I welcomed learning from her.

Even our doctor was a vital team player when it came to pushing and she too welcomed me, the little birth doula, to give suggestions on how, in my experience, mother’s can push more effectively and let us try those positions.  They worked and at the end of the birth she too told me “thank you for teaching me something new today.”

My birth doula high came full circle for me that day.  As a doula, we are more than just another body in the room.  We’re the support for mom & dad, we’re the collaborative glue in the room with the doctors and nurses and we’re the bodies holding space for our clients and honoring their birth.

Happy Birthing Friends,

Doula Jenn