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My Mission

Doula Jenn birth doula service’s mission is to equip and support women to achieve the pregnancy, birth experience and postpartum recovery of each client’s dream. Therefore, I take an individualized care plan approach with each client as I understand that birth is not one size fits all.

If you are in Northern Virginia and the D.C. Metro area, I can support your birth experience. I have supported home births, birth centers and all the area hospitals.

As your doula, I provide perspective and encouragement before, during, and after birth. My role is to tailor care that promotes the well being of the mother, baby, and birth partner throughout the birthing process.

I have supported epidural births, unmedicated births, inductions and everything in-between. I have attended water births, high risk births, premature deliveries, VBACs (including a VBA3C), preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, IUGR, stillbirths, “advanced maternal age” and LGBTQP Families. I also have experience in supporting teens and singles.

My goals as your doula are:

  • Encourage you
  • Remind you that your body was made to give birth and that you are capable of it
  • Lift your spirits up when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Suggest movement and position changes to help labor progress and help it be less painful
  • Answer any questions you have about procedures or medications
  • Work as a collaborative team with you nurse, doctor and midwife
  • Give hands on support through various comfort measures, including helping your partner know what to do and how to do it
  • Most of all, to allow you every opportunity to achieve the birth you’ve dreamed of.
Doula Jenn supports women to achieve the birth experience of their dreams.

“My mission is to equip and support women in achieving their ideal pregnancy, birth & recovery through a personalized care plan.”

— Jennifer Monaghan

Doula Jenn provides birth doula services in Northern Virginia and the DC metro area.

“Jenn is so calm and easy going. She makes the whole process of pregnancy and giving birth seem so manageable and wonderful… Can’t recommend her enough! And I honestly can’t imagine going through pregnancy, birth and post natal ravine with out a doula. It’s a no brainer!”

– Hannah M., Birthed at INOVA Fairfax Hospital

“Jennifer was a Godsend for my family.”

“Originally we had not planned on using a doula, but I am so glad we did. Jennifer was kind and competent. She saved me from back labor by directing me in movements to help flip our baby. She compassionately directed my husband in comforting me during my contractions. She constantly stayed by our side to monitor our baby’s stubbornly dipping heart rate (the nurses and midwives aren’t always in the room). She even helped us get our son’s days and nights regulated! Hiring Jennifer was worth every cent. We are incredibly grateful for her guidance and support before, during, and after labor.”

— Jessica Swope, Birthed at INOVA Alexandria Hospital

What is included in Doula Jenn’s Services:

  1. Free consultation to go over my contract and get to know each other.
  2. Prenatal visits for select contracts that include what to expect in the birth and comfort measures the partner can use to assist the birthing mother.
  3. Designated back-up doula support for all clients whom you can do a phone or video consult with.
  4. “On call” support beginning at contract signing and continuing until delivery.
  5. Unlimited text/phone/email support throughout pregnancy.
  6. Continuous labor support when you feel like you’re ready to have a doula.
  7. Postpartum visit to go over your birth, help with any newborn questions or problems you’re having and give breastfeeding support. At the visit I will bring along the birth notes and a paid in full invoice to use towards insurance reimbursement.
  8. Breastfeeding support and referrals if needed.

I can discuss medical recommendations and options, and then I will act as an advocate for your decisions. I will also encourage relaxation, position changes, pain management and comfort measures to decrease the discomforts of labor where possible.

The fee for doula services is $1350 (with two prenatal vists, $1250 with one prenatal visit) and can be paid in installments or in full via cash, check or credit card.  An insurance receipt is given to all clients at their postpartum visit along with birth notes.

For experienced parents or mother’s actively in labor looking for birth doula services only my fee is $1100. If you’re having a planned cesarean I offer cesarean support for $1100.

I also offer clients placenta encapsulation services either in your home or outside the home through my preferred providers.

2019 Doula Jenn Babies

Baby Girl J – November 13 // Baby Girl C – November 12 // Baby Girl F – November 7 // Baby Boy E – November 4 // Baby Boy W –  October 25 // Baby Girl A – October 22 // Baby Boy B – October 2 // Baby Boy C – October 1 // Baby Girl Q – September 27 // Baby Girl W – September 26 // Baby Boy C – September 9 // Baby Girl M – September 3 // Baby Boy T – August 20 // Baby Boy J – August 19 // Baby Boy H – August 15 //Baby Girl N – July 29 // Baby Boy O – July 20 // Baby Boy S – July 16 //Baby Boy G – July 13 // Baby Girl S – July 9 // Baby Boy V – July 9 // Baby Boy E – June 28 // Baby Boy T – June 21 // Baby Girl G – June 19 // Baby Girl L – June 8 // Baby Boy H – June 4 // Baby Girl H – May 29 // Baby Girl W – May 3 // Baby Girl A – April 9 // Baby Boy T – April 6 // Baby Boy J – April 6 // Baby Girl C – March 27 // Baby Boy C – March 24 // Baby Boy E – March 23 // Baby Boy L – March 20 // Baby Girl M – March 18 // Baby Boy J – March 15 // Baby Boy C – March 14 // Baby Girl B – March 11 // Baby Girl M – February 22 // Baby Girl E – February 22 // Baby Boy A – February 16 // Baby Girl M – February 16 // Baby Girl J – January 28 // Baby Boy L- January 25 // Baby Boy M – January 21 // Baby Boy S – January 15 // Baby Boy C – January 10

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Areas Served

Serving Washington, D.C. and the Northern Virginia area, including the cities and communities of Adams Morgan | Alexandria | Arlington | Ashburn | Annandale | Bristow | Burke | Capitol Hill | Centreville | Chantilly | Columbia Heights | Dale City | Fairfax | Falls Church | Foggy Bottom | Gainesville | Georgetown | Herndon | Lansdowne | Leesburg | Lorton | Manassas | McLean | Oakton | Reston | Springfield | South Riding | Sterling | Tysons Corner | Vienna | Woodbridge and more.

Attending hospital births, birth center births, and home births including births at Birth Care | The Birthing Inn at INOVA Loudoun | Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital | George Washington University Hospital | NOVANT Haymarket | INOVA Alexandria | INOVA Fairfax | INOVA Fair Oaks | INOVA Woman’s Hospital | INOVA Loudoun | Loudoun Natural Birthing Center| NOVANT Prince William Medical Center | Premier Birth Center | Reston Hospital | Sibley Memorial Hospital | StoneSprings Hospital Center | Virginia Hospital Center | Washington Hospital Center and more.